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All polymer clay beads on this website can be ordered "bead only", and can be customized with your choice of colors.


you can contact me with the following information:


1. Beading Hole Direction

2. Quantity

3. Custom Colors


After I receive your order, I will give you pricing, time frame for completing the order. I will also send you an invoice through pay pal. I do ask for a small deposit for big orders or for new clients. ☺ This deposit will be subtracted from your final order invoice.



Because these polymer clay beads are hand crafted they might vary a bit if you order 2 or more. Each bead has been strengthen with wire and with Sculpey Bake & Bond for durability. That does not mean that beads are unbreakable. Please handle with care! ☺ I create beads once they are ordered. I do not have any beads in stock. This allows me to customize the colors & to perfect each bead as time goes on and I get more practice.


Custom Orders:

Custom orders are welcome. Be sure to email me your request with lots of details and if you have a picture that would help too! I always get clients to email me images of fabrics so that I can create something with that. Turn around time can vary! Be sure to ask my current turn around time for completing an order. ** Their might be a set up fee if you are ordering an item that I have never created before.


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